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The Fairytale Society is for anyone who dreams of living a life full of magic. Whether you want to ride your unicorn into battle, have tea with a faun, go on a quest, create your own costumes, become tournament champion, or all of the above – this is the place for you.

Society members have access to special articles full of recipes, fantasy patterns and crafts, cosplay advice, DIYs and more. From dying horse tack to making a hood for your next renaissance faire, it’s all here and more.

Members go on Quests to earn real honors. They also receive discounts on Tournaments and from Shops of the Realm.

We are here to help you live a fairytale life.

“And what Exactly do you think fairy tales are? They are a reminder that our lives will get better if we just hold onto hope. Your happy ending may not be what you expect, but that is what will make it so special.” –  Once Upon A Time


Meet Donna Isaac, The Dragon Lady

Meet Donna Isaac, The Dragon Lady

Color, texture, and the energy of the natural and supernatural world all come together for me in the form of Dragons and Fairies. I love the magic and joy it brings to my life and the lives of those who experience them. I started dreaming and...

How to Dye Leather

How to Dye Leather

I have dabbled in making my own items out of leather – archery quivers, bracers, browbands – and let me tell you: It’s not easy! It is a true art and the people that hand make leather items deserve every penny they are asking. It’s not just hard to...

2020 Quest 1: A New Kingdom

2020 Quest 1: A New Kingdom

The day is dawning as you approach a new realm. Unsure of what lays ahead, you stop to look at the beautiful scenery. Rolling hills carpeted in grass sprinkled with wild flowers that fill the air with sweet scents lay directly in front of you to...

How to Make a Unicorn Horn (Free Pattern!)

How to Make a Unicorn Horn (Free Pattern!)

You can add a bit of whimsy to any outfit with a unicorn horn, or let your horse’s inner unicorn show to even the non-believers with a unicorn horn for your horse. The Fairytale Society's free unicorn horn pattern is relatively simple, those with...

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