“Yet when books have been read and reread, it boils down to the horse, his human companion, and what goes on between them.”

Walter Farley, author of The Black Stallion


The Fairytale Steeds


For many of us, a fairytale is not complete without a beautiful horse. Whether they are the means by which the prince finds the princess, the púca  that take the young man on his quest, or the faithful steed that carries the warrior into battle: the noble horse is always a hero. So, it wouldn’t be right for us to not introduce you to our incredible horses that we spend countless hours of enjoyment with, both in the saddle and on the ground.


DGH Eternity – Merida

“I will ride/I will fly/Chase the wind and touch the sky” – BRAVE


Merida is my true dreamhorse. As a little girl I wanted a large draft, in particular a clydesdale. When I learned about gypsies in middle school, I fell in the love with the smaller, cob-type pony verison of the drafts I’d always loved. It took decades, but I finally found myself in the position to search for a gypsy (after a very windy road…but that’s another tale!). And that’s when I came across Merida. I knew she was meant for me the moment I heard her barn name – after all I did mounted archery and loved Disney, it had to be fate!

Born in 2011, she is a smoky black sabino standing at just 13.2 hands. But don’t let her size fool you! She is mighty. And smart. I call her my border collie because she gets easily bored and we have to switch up what we are working on often to keep her excited. This means we do a LOT of things! She is clicker trained. Merida and I do tricks, compete in pleasure shows sometimes, mountain trail challenges through the IMTCA, recreational trail, mounted archery, and more. She was the International Registry of Bitless Equestrians (IROBE) Horse of the Year 2019. She is also a registered unicorn!

She is a hard worker but also has a fun side, and like to keep us entertained by playing with her tongue.


Sir Gawain


Anyone who has looked for a husband’s horse knows they are true diamonds. Sir Gawain was a stroke of luck – we found him way out in the middle of nowhere with some people that were trying to get him to be something he was not. He was the first horse my husband had “clicked” with during the trial ride, so we brought him home. 

A beautiful golden palomino in the summer and a furry marshmallow in the winter, Sir Gawain is 15.2 hands of mystery. He is mostly like some mustang crossed with a gaited horse, or something. He is probably in his mid- to late-teens.

What we do know is he is a kind horse who loves Brent and has a sense of humor. He will do anything for a cookie, which made clicker training a breeze. My husband and he do mounted archery and recreational trail. Sir Gawain is valuable as the horse that “anyone can hop on and ride” and is often borrowed for archery events. 































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