Meet Donna Isaac, The Dragon Lady

Dragon Lady Originals

June 20, 2020

Color, texture, and the energy of the natural and supernatural world all come together for me in the form of Dragons and Fairies. I love the magic and joy it brings to my life and the lives of those who experience them.

I started dreaming and creating dragons in 1980. The dreams were so strong and the dragons were so loud, there was no way I could not create their little bodies. Over the years, my work has branched out and every time, I am drawn back to the dragons. It is no hardship, as I love to make them.

Donna Isaasc is THE Dragon Lady, bringing dragons to live with her unique designs. Photo courtesy: Donna Isaac

They have grown and evolved over the years, as literally thousands have been birthed. The most amazing part of it is that my heart fills with joy every single time a new dragon comes through. I never get bored or tired of making the bodies for the dragon energies to enter into. My belief and experience is that I am only a part of their creation. As dragons are not in physical form on this planet at this time, my contract is to provide bodies to allow them to connect with people and help in the healing of the planet. Yep, I am defiantly “Buzzy-Woo-Woo” and I it works for me.

Fairies have a harder time being heard over the dragons and more of them are making their voices loud enough to get my attention and get birthed. It is a busy and exciting time in my studio. I do branch out and create clothing, as well as other forms of fiber and mixed media art, to keep the creative juices flowing and interesting. The mineral kingdom has also been making its way into my work. Both the dragons and my wall pieces have included some very juicy stones.

I am also an energy healer. My intention is to bring that energy to all my work. My lap dragons seem to be my big healers. They are in battered women shelters, counselors’ offices and in the spaces of many healers around the country. So far, I have sent my dragons to 43 states and 12 countries. They have been sold at renaissance fairs, sci-fi cons, art shows, galleries, and on the web. It is a wonderful thing to have your babies well received and cherished.

At this time, I have chosen to expend my energy in the studio and not travel to do shows anymore. I love how the internet has allowed artists to connect with people everywhere from the comfort of their own studios. Etsy is the answer to my prayers. It is a platform that makes my life so much more productive. I am able to create a custom piece for a person on the other side of the world. That is pretty exciting. I have dabbled in other art forms from clay to welding and I always come home to fiber. Cloth and yarns have held a strong place in my family. I made my first garment by myself at the age of 8. That is close to 60 years of sewing. I have created in just about every form and type of fiber art out there. There are so many delicious colors, textures and techniques, and so little time. I am not a hoarder – I swear I will use all this stuff eventually. I may have to live to be 150 to do it though.

I invite you to visit me through my website, Donna Isaac Art or my Etsy store. I love connecting to people who enjoy the world of Dragons and Fairies. Blessings to you!

By Donna Isaac

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