Shops of the Realm

The following shops are The Fairytale Society Guild members and we encourage you to explore what they have to offer when you are looking for your next items – whether it’s a baroque bridle, renaissance costume, fairy wings, sword, bow, accessories – these shops carry everything you need to live a fairytale life.


Are you a Society member? Society members also get discounts to shops (some one this list, some not). Visit our Member Discounts page for details. If you own a business and would like to offer a discount to our members, please contact us.

Fae’s Fairy Ring

In 2017, I bought some polomar clay and created a fairy house that sat for a year before I painted it. At my husban’d urging, I posted in on Facebook. It sold in two days.

Fae’s Fairy Ring is a fully licensed business specializing in Fairy Garden lanterns and Fairy Garden Accessories. I have a catalogue of items that I carry regularly but the custom world is where my passion lies. I love nothing more that making your fantasies a reality. Please flit on over to my Facebook page and allow me to invite a little enchantment into your life.

Check out my discount to Society members here.

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