The Joy of Fairy Gardening with Fae’s Fairy Ring

May 28, 2020

Now that spring is in the air, I invite you to add a new aspect to your garden and explore the wonderful world of Fairy Gardening! I love all the mini plants, tiny homes, little doors on trees, and all the other possibilities of life in miniature.

Photo credit: Fae’s Fairy Ring

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the fairies and what life might be like as sprite, and I have been eager to share this passion.

Now, much to my delight, many more people are finding the joy of Fairy Gardening and are creating them everywhere! You can find these magical gardens in potted plants, baskets, gardens, boulevards or by the trail in a public park. There is no doubt fairy garden popularity is on the rise, let’s explore the reasons why!

The most obvious benefit of this pastime is the amazing whimsy and beauty that these miniature paradises create for you, but there are many other benefits as well! I believe that something about the mystery and magic surrounding fairies simply manifests happiness in people from all walks of life, inspiring hope and belief that dreams can come true and that magic is real.  When creating and designing a garden, you will get a wonderful opportunity to exercise your imagination while creating something that inspires joy.  Through fairy gardening, you can strengthen your bond with nature by focusing your attention on the details within the natural rhythm of life. Fairy gardening can also inspire us to get outside providing our bodies with fresh air, vitamin D, and stress relief.

When you choose to add a fairy garden to your life, you are creating a wonderful opportunity to engage with the whole family. It can be done by anyone regardless of age or skill level, and is wonderful for forging bonds between generations. Grandparents, parents and children can all engage in this activity and create memories for years to come while offering a fabulous way to engage children in learning about nature at the same time. Finally, fairy gardens have been known to bring communities together as everyone can participate and share a sense of bonding and community.

If you’re interested in seeing some, check out the Boulevards in James Bay, British Columbia, the Fairy Garden at Langford Lake, British Colombia, and The Vedder River Fairy Garden in Chilliwack, British Colombia.

Ready to create your own whimsical area? Here are 3 tips for starting a fairy garden!

Pick a Location

This may be a really easy decision, maybe your outdoor space is restricted or you have a giant garden that you can’t wait to get out in. Regardless of your situation, fairy gardens can be adapted to fit your needs. If you are considering an outside space, they can be a wonderful way to spruce up a shady area or jazz up a patio garden.

Indoor fairy gardens can be started almost anywhere including potted plants, decorated baskets, book shelves, or even a window sill.

Start Small

It can be really easy to get carried away with all the ideas and adorable things you can find while shopping for your new fairy garden. Make a list of ideas, but start small.

Fairy gardens can be expanded and rearranged easily and there’s certainly no rule that says you must stop at one! Dip your toe in to see if its right for you.

Find Materials Everywhere

Peer into your recycling bin and walk around your neighborhood and you’ll find perfect, free building materials for your new fairy garden! It’s easy to use old containers, small rocks, sea shells, pine cones, moss, lichen, pieces of bark, or small sticks to create a wonderful and natural looking fairy paradise.

This spring is your opportunity to invite some more joy in your life an create a fairy garden of your own! I invite you to embrace this perfect opportunity to exercise your creative muscles and there really are no rules! Create an enchanting display of fantasy that can be the center of attention or a nice compliment to an existing display. Regardless of what you choose to do with your creation, I’m sure that when you finish you will have a new source of joy and something to be proud of!

What wonders will you find if you step into the fairy realm?

Go ahead and invite a little enchantment into your life!

Amanda Chapaman

Owner at Fae’s Fairy Ring

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